Like an ornate jewellery box that conceals all of your most precious things…and most evil secrets.

This dress takes all the best bits of our other fave dress styles: can be casual mid dress, mixed with the flattering queen seams of the Royal Place dress. Those in the know will recognize it for what it truly is: the mythical queen of love dress.


** 7 DAY UNLIMITED means this piece is made to order and is guaranteed to be available from within 12 days. After the 7-day purchasing period is over, we’ll start making your order just for you! Any leftover stock will become LIMITED and will be available until stocks last. We’ll aim to ship all orders of this piece by on time.


Important note! If you grab a 7 DAY UNLIMITED piece, your entire order (including gear that isn’t 7 DAY UNLIMITED) will be on hold until all gear is ready. Ok? Ok!


Washing: Cold hand wash only

Made in Italy

Model’s usual dress size: S

Queen of LOVE dress

280,00 € Prix original
210,00 €Prix promotionnel